Resident Evil 7 Biohazard – Most Scary All of Series

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My personal REVIEW OF THE GAME This looks horrific, seriously. The teaser trailers show a personality from first-person viewpoint that of this ps3 VR headset, most probably slowly rising from a disturbed slumber on the […]

A Glimpse of City Buildit RTS Games

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Units gain experience through combat, and you get to keep survivors from mission to mission. There’s a reason SSI and TopWare aren’t pushing the fact that this is a sequel. SimCity Buildit cheats waded into […]

Pokemon Alpha SApphire

Pokemania: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

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There are whole lot of different features in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but in order to enjoy it, you need to download the game or hate seeing others playing it.

Boom Beach

Setting Boom Beach Apart from other RTS

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Boom Beach set the RTS free-to-play market on its ear and continues to sell to this day, even though other games easily surpass it in terms of graphics quality.

dead synchronicity

Dead Synchronicity – Light The Path

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Dead Synchronicity the video game which totally featured no ending. Do you want to try it? Well, you should!


Overthinking Means Slow Learning?

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Do not overanalyze, do not overthink, do not put too much pressure on your brain if you want to learn faster…

Pirate fainting

Paint a Pirate out of anyone’s Face

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Face painting is one of the hardest thing to do if you do not know what you are doing, but you can easily learn the things with this.