A Glimpse of City Buildit RTS Games

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Units gain experience through combat, and you get to keep survivors from mission to mission. There’s a reason SSI and TopWare aren’t pushing the fact that this is a sequel. SimCity Buildit cheats waded into […]

Pokemon Alpha SApphire

Pokemania: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

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Pokemon trainers had a reason to smile when made its way across the Pacific with 3ds emulator. Featuring a story that more closely resembles the Pokemon Sapphire of the past, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has already […]

Boom Beach

Setting Boom Beach Apart from other RTS

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Boom Beach, a brilliant real-time-strategy game that leads the player through a paranoid sci-fi archipelago where Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman reigns. No one to trust, no where to go — build your base, defend […]

dead synchronicity

Dead Synchronicity – Light The Path

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Dead Synchronicity the video game which totally featured no ending. This appears to be essential to stay fit for the gamers considering everything we have experienced in the past regarding a video game has ending […]