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Venom Movie Spoiler Alert

Earlier today, an interview was made regarding Venom movie and what to expect from his enemies and what are they. There is photo circulating online that shows Tom Hardy holding a notebook which probably contains some details about the Venom movie which is a Sony-Marvel production. Furthermore, this movie does not include Spider-Man since this is the Venom’s origin and its very first solo film.

I think that MCU has learnt their lesson of underestimating the character of Venom which becomes a failure in the Spider Man 3. Now this notebook shows few hints which Eddie is seeking to while doing the investigation. The first question from his entry, Is Life foundation testing any subjects illegal? With that idea we can already guess that Life Foundation will play a great role in making chaos in the life of the city and will hunt down Venom and Eddie.

You should know that Marvel Comics created the story about the Life Foundation, a group of elite people who are trying to save themselves from impeding nuclear holocaust in the future. But their desire is too selfish that they will use even human subjects just to get what they wanted until one day the alien specie arrived on Earth that contains symbiotes which they extract the same monster from apocalypse. To protect them, the Life Foundation creates a security force of five symbiotes.

It was revealed from the director and fan of Venom Ruben Fleischer, that he studied the character so well and got his inspiration to make a movie about the character from the Comic of 90’s. So we will be expecting straight to the point story about Venom, yet very great in action and this time around the movie surely will not disappoint us. You should know by now that symbiote are revealed as well in the Marvel animation called Guardians of the Galaxy and furthermore when there was a Comic episode titled Planet of the Symbiotes, Venom was depicted to be a protagonist who saves the Earth from Symbiote invasion.

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – Positive Review

There is plenty of speculation that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is just a rip off from previous Jurassic world movie and any other monster films. Just like the movie Rampage for instance, the story of the said movie was about a science project going wrong or intentionally created in order to get a huge monster under their control.

While it is true that you cannot control nature, but there is an idea in this movie that those elite people will make any cloned dinosaur in order control them and use them for their very personal purposes. Whatever their purpose to get this experiment done, they should as well consider that this kind of experiment will always bring a negative result.

In the movie, the person who hires Owen and Claire just discover that the dinosaurs can be controlled. Maybe, he was just using wrong words because he has hidden agenda behind and so he uses idiomatic expression. Nonetheless there are no secrets which can be hidden. Aside from Owen and Blue intervention, these dinosaurs are very intelligent and they cannot be controlled or contained.

Those people who just want to get money out of the experiment did not consider the outcome of their projects. Bringing some wild animals in the city would surely cause chaos especially it they are deadly and extremely aggressive. While it is just natural for men and the thinker to discover new things in the name of science, yet the very reason behind is all that matter. If the motive is wrong, then it would lead to catastrophic situation.

In the trailer, after the most deadly predator got loss from the cage, it turns out to be very deadly and starting to hunt down people in the city. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is not just about survival in the Island where there are plenty of flesh-eating dinosaurs but it’s also about the people who are living silently in the city who are most of all affected with the situation. Of course the government has to intervene, but the question is can they contain the situation? Now that the dinosaurs are now in the city that walks in the bedrooms, walk over the roof ready to hunt down and some are waiting in the water ready to hunt its prey.

With many special effects and great graphics, we can say that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will truly give viewers the best Jurassic movie experience. While there are plenty of Jurassic or dinosaur movies, we can expect as well that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will truly be a big hit. According to people who are behind this film, most individuals really love movies like this. In fact, kids would always love to ask their parents to go the theater with them in order to watch the movie.

For those who want to watch the movie online and you can’t make it to the local theater, we will give you a trusted site by which you can watch your favorite Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. You can bookmark this website for your reference in watching the movie online for free. You can check out the trailer as well and learn more changes in the movie. If you are a fan of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and you want to watch the movie in HD, just prepare your internet and your laptop. Be sure to bring your family and friends with you watch this movie because Chris Patt and Bryce Dallas Howard will prove their skills in acting to give us the best movie ever. Together with Jeff Goldblum we will be seeing another explosive movie filled with action and thriller.

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Overthinking Means Slow Learning?

Scientists discover that individuals with more brain activity learn slower than those with less brain activity. So stop thinking and learn! Exploring the idea that over thinkers like me, may learn new tasks more slowly and be less successful at those tasks than those who don’t analyze and evaluate their every move. Scientists have known for a while that cognitive control from the frontal cortex can have a depressing effect on our ability to learn new tasks. This is probably because that brain region is responsible for problem solving, planning and execution, and its “top down”regulation of our behavior can lead us to make things more complicated for ourselves than they really are.

Children learn way faster than adults because they are not subject to this cortical control.They CAN’T over think because their judgy frontal cortex hasn’t been fully developed yet! This is one reason why kids are more creative and frequently take risks that an adult probably wouldn’t.When humans are exposed to a new task almost our entire brain is active and desperately trying to make sense and associations from the new input. As we get better at the task and “figure it out” this global network activity gets pruned to only what we need specifically for task performance (eg. motor and visual cortices).  How quickly this specification happens corresponds to how “quickly” we learn the task.Researchers at several universities, looked at this process across the whole brain and recorded which regions maintained their connections and activity, and which ones didn’t. These data were recorded as fMRI scans of whole brain as subjects learned a simple musical computer game.

The scientists were hoping to visualize the changes that happened as people learned, but what they didn’t expect is that subject data would organize itself into two categories: “fast” learners and “slow” learners.Those who learned the musical video game very quickly showed rapid drop off of global brain activation. The “slow” learners maintained more global brain activity over the six week trial and showed prolonged involvement of associative regions of the cortex. This lead researchers to conclude that “over thinking” – by maintaining vigilance, monitoring errors,and frequently making associative judgements – makes it more difficult for individuals to “transform a task from slow and challenging to fast and automatic”. More studies are needed to truly understand this process but it very well could be that analyzing your thinking about thinking about what you are trying to learn isn’t doing you any favors and making it harder for you to be successful. So get out of your own way, stop second-guessing and re-optimizing everything and just let it happen!!