Pokemania: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon trainers had a reason to smile when made its way across the Pacific with 3ds emulator. Featuring a story that more closely resembles the Pokemon Sapphire of the past, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has already thrown more fuel into the “Pokemania” fire.

As the game begins, the player, just like any Pokemon games have the option of choosing between three starting Pokemons of the latest generation. All Pokemon have changed slightly — they each learn different abilities at levels that differ from the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions. They are also located in different places than in the other games. This is also the case for the bosses and those you challenge in gyms.

For those of you that love Pikachu, I am sorry to inform you that this game will not feature it as what we have seen in the previous Pokemon Yellow version where he will follow the hero throughout the game. You will not have the luxury to interact with him to see how he’s feeling. It should be pointed out though that the one you will choose in this game as your starter Pokemon will not like you at first, which means you will have to do certain things that he wants in order to win him over.

The game also contains improved colors and a layout that differs from the previous release, not to mention the 3D environment with the new 3DS system around. Each of the Pokemon posed for updated pictures as well. To catch all 300+ Pokemon and complete your Pokedex, you have to trade with both the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions. Once they are all caught, you can print your Pokedex with the 3DS printer.

The villains of Team Aqua will also make a numerous guest appearances. Another change affects the Pokemons themselves is the presence of mega evolution which has been featured early on with the Pokemon X and Y. But in order for you to enjoy such feature, you need to obtain the mega stones. There are whole lot of different features in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but in order to enjoy it, you need to download the game or hate seeing others playing it.


Setting Boom Beach Apart from other RTS

Boom Beach, a brilliant real-time-strategy game that leads the player through a paranoid sci-fi archipelago where Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman reigns. No one to trust, no where to go — build your base, defend it, explore for resources, and survive.

There certain features that makes Boom Beach so popular among players worldwide. The list are as follows:

  • Story —  It’s arguable that Boom Beach has the best story in mobile videogames; it’s a compelling science fiction yarn that taps directly into war and peace among islands in an archipelago, as well as the science fiction undercurrent popularized by television shows and movies.
  • AI — Boom Beach amazed the world with the artificial intelligence of its computer-controlled opponents. The Evil Blackguard acted unlike anything previously seen in videogames; they used squad behavior, looked for cover and could effectively throw grenades through a 3D world. They acted more lifelike than any enemy before. In the time since its 2013 release, few have been able to improve on what SuperCell accomplished.
  • Scripting — Part of the atmosphere that put Boom Beach hack above other RTS games was the amazing amount of scripted sequences that weren’t found on a usual freemium game promoting unlimited resources like diamonds as seen in the demo here, but fit into what was happening within the story. SuperCell paid attention to the details.
  • Level Design — This is one of the few games that have taken the art of level design so seriously that we’ve replayed sequences of the game just to relive the combat, scripting and level elements. The beginning tram ride is exemplary of level design dedicated to presenting a powerful scene. In many cases it’s level design for the sake of art rather than utility.


Boom Beach set the RTS free-to-play market on its ear and continues to sell to this day, even though other games easily surpass it in terms of graphics quality. In terms of story and atmosphere, only Clash of Clans has challenged its dominance in the years since its release. Its scripting remains a standard, and the level design has spawned legions of mod designers.


Dead Synchronicity – Light The Path

Dead Synchronicity the video game which totally featured no ending. This appears to be essential to stay fit for the gamers considering everything we have experienced in the past regarding a video game has ending except the game continue for the next sequel.

Although the game will not go for infinity. However, there will be times that the game should stop for a moment. Currently no specific solutions for this, you can observe an inventory filled with objects, and the characters connection are also unclear. While most of all, the main story just hang out. it just stop all of a sudden.

The story begins in the aftermath of a mysterious apocalyptic times called The Great Wave, your role as Michael, a man had just awaken from a coma and when he wakes up he lost all his memory. Enjoy a character with an amnesia you can play, however the game really featured a good narration. The background in the video game features a scene where almost all structure of the world are already destroyed, to name like communication, power, and more are all gone. While Michael discover himself in what he immediately recall to be in a concentration camp.

Utilizing the first phrase is your guide that this is going to be a video game with darker settings. And yes it really show that way. Dead Synchronicity is, occasionally highly annoying and macabre. In this planet there are lots of people infected with a disease called as The Dissolved. Since they are in deep trances, the disease has a huge effect of the body turning into a cellular level and in the later well dissolve. While Michael has been cared by a couple who are keeping their kid infected with the disease.

To able to get rid of this issue the ruling army have to take out the infected ones and killing any concealing them so that’s a high risk scene. Particularly as they all residing in an encampment from which they cannot go anywhere with a few ration and non stop watch to be able to survive.

The role of Michael in the game, is to aid the community. In conventional pnc adventure style, you instantly discover yourself wanting to acquire free morphine to acquire some cash to be able to get entry to communicate someone, and to acquire what you’ll need few broken glass to make a whole to get entry a park that’s blocked by foliage.  Compared to some traditional adventure the game is not like this, the individual you want to converse to is a mentally broke person,  having a mind of a child, who’s purposely force to become a prostitute by two gang in the camp

Since it is dark, there are times you are with the corpse of a dead man, to be able to frame him for a killer you allowed two kids to commit.  Having stated few of the character are strangely badly delivers and written uniquely the camp’s primary baddie, Hunter. As anybody with whom you’ll have an unhealthy relationship of uncertain allegiance, it’s a real shame that he’s not more influentially scary. However it is simple to state that a huge chunk of this is because of some poor cast, his voice with British accent.

However the actual issue in Dead Synchronicity is the puzzles. It occasionally gets them about as mistakes as they make wrong.  There are one factor you have two distinct places you cannot access since you don’t have a light. The room where the video game begins features a portable lantern. The main character will not take the lantern, since it will make the room too dark.

You might as well look for a camera. Except you wouldn’t. While the video game asked you to take a photograph, this will lead you to a complicated string of puzzles to achieve the spot where you have a camera.

Overthinking Means Slow Learning?

Scientists discover that individuals with more brain activity learn slower than those with less brain activity. So stop thinking and learn! Exploring the idea that over thinkers like me, may learn new tasks more slowly and be less successful at those tasks than those who don’t analyze and evaluate their every move. Scientists have known for a while that cognitive control from the frontal cortex can have a depressing effect on our ability to learn new tasks. This is probably because that brain region is responsible for problem solving, planning and execution, and its “top down”regulation of our behavior can lead us to make things more complicated for ourselves than they really are.

Children learn way faster than adults because they are not subject to this cortical control.They CAN’T over think because their judgy frontal cortex hasn’t been fully developed yet! This is one reason why kids are more creative and frequently take risks that an adult probably wouldn’t.When humans are exposed to a new task almost our entire brain is active and desperately trying to make sense and associations from the new input. As we get better at the task and “figure it out” this global network activity gets pruned to only what we need specifically for task performance (eg. motor and visual cortices).  How quickly this specification happens corresponds to how “quickly” we learn the task.Researchers at several universities, looked at this process across the whole brain and recorded which regions maintained their connections and activity, and which ones didn’t. These data were recorded as fMRI scans of whole brain as subjects learned a simple musical computer game.

The scientists were hoping to visualize the changes that happened as people learned, but what they didn’t expect is that subject data would organize itself into two categories: “fast” learners and “slow” learners.Those who learned the musical video game very quickly showed rapid drop off of global brain activation. The “slow” learners maintained more global brain activity over the six week trial and showed prolonged involvement of associative regions of the cortex. This lead researchers to conclude that “over thinking” – by maintaining vigilance, monitoring errors,and frequently making associative judgements – makes it more difficult for individuals to “transform a task from slow and challenging to fast and automatic”. More studies are needed to truly understand this process but it very well could be that analyzing your thinking about thinking about what you are trying to learn isn’t doing you any favors and making it harder for you to be successful. So get out of your own way, stop second-guessing and re-optimizing everything and just let it happen!!

Paint a Pirate out of anyone’s Face

Face painting is one of the hardest thing to do if you do not know what you are doing, but you can easily learn the things if you follow the instructions that can be found below.

How to make A Pirate FAce Painting?

  1. First, take a Snazaroo paint in red and use a large flat brush to draw in the bottom line of the bandana. Make sure that it’s slightly higher on one side and then fill in the area taking it right up into the hairline.
  2. With a smaller brush, paint in a circle on the lower half of the bandana and fill that in. Also add two tails going downwards.
  3. Still with the red, add a few pirate scars around the face. Switch over to a black face paint and with light, feathery strokes add in a curly pirate moustache. You can also take this down onto the chin if you want to add in a beard.
  4. To create the eye patch, simply paint a straight line going right above the eyebrow and then add in a large U shape underneath.
  5. Fill in the inside of the patch with black but don’t take it too close to the eyelashes so that it’s easily removed.
  6. Connect the patch up to the rest of the design with two thin lines and then add in a few stitches over the pirate scars.
  7. Outline the bottom edge of the bandana and the knot to give everything a bit more definition.
  8. Paint a couple of squiggly black lines along the red to make it look like folds in the material.
  9. If the eyebrows appear to be a lot lighter than the beard and the mustache you can always go back over those with black as well to make everything match.
  10. Finally, switch to a white face paint and add in a few dots across the top of the bandana.


There you have it. That is how easy it is to paint a Pirate out of anyone’s face.