Venom Movie Spoiler Alert

Earlier today, an interview was made regarding Venom movie and what to expect from his enemies and what are they. There is photo circulating online that shows Tom Hardy holding a notebook which probably contains some details about the Venom movie which is a Sony-Marvel production. Furthermore, this movie does not include Spider-Man since this is the Venom’s origin and its very first solo film.

I think that MCU has learnt their lesson of underestimating the character of Venom which becomes a failure in the Spider Man 3. Now this notebook shows few hints which Eddie is seeking to while doing the investigation. The first question from his entry, Is Life foundation testing any subjects illegal? With that idea we can already guess that Life Foundation will play a great role in making chaos in the life of the city and will hunt down Venom and Eddie.

You should know that Marvel Comics created the story about the Life Foundation, a group of elite people who are trying to save themselves from impeding nuclear holocaust in the future. But their desire is too selfish that they will use even human subjects just to get what they wanted until one day the alien specie arrived on Earth that contains symbiotes which they extract the same monster from apocalypse. To protect them, the Life Foundation creates a security force of five symbiotes.

It was revealed from the director and fan of Venom Ruben Fleischer, that he studied the character so well and got his inspiration to make a movie about the character from the Comic of 90’s. So we will be expecting straight to the point story about Venom, yet very great in action and this time around the movie surely will not disappoint us. You should know by now that symbiote are revealed as well in the Marvel animation called Guardians of the Galaxy and furthermore when there was a Comic episode titled Planet of the Symbiotes, Venom was depicted to be a protagonist who saves the Earth from Symbiote invasion.

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