Pokemon Alpha SApphire

Pokemania: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon trainers had a reason to smile when made its way across the Pacific with 3ds emulator. Featuring a story that more closely resembles the Pokemon Sapphire of the past, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire has already thrown more fuel into the “Pokemania” fire.

As the game begins, the player, just like any Pokemon games have the option of choosing between three starting Pokemons of the latest generation. All Pokemon have changed slightly — they each learn different abilities at levels that differ from the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions. They are also located in different places than in the other games. This is also the case for the bosses and those you challenge in gyms.

For those of you that love Pikachu, I am sorry to inform you that this game will not feature it as what we have seen in the previous Pokemon Yellow version where he will follow the hero throughout the game. You will not have the luxury to interact with him to see how he’s feeling. It should be pointed out though that the one you will choose in this game as your starter Pokemon will not like you at first, which means you will have to do certain things that he wants in order to win him over.

The game also contains improved colors and a layout that differs from the previous release, not to mention the 3D environment with the new 3DS system around. Each of the Pokemon posed for updated pictures as well. To catch all 300+ Pokemon and complete your Pokedex, you have to trade with both the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire versions. Once they are all caught, you can print your Pokedex with the 3DS printer.

The villains of Team Aqua will also make a numerous guest appearances. Another change affects the Pokemons themselves is the presence of mega evolution which has been featured early on with the Pokemon X and Y. But in order for you to enjoy such feature, you need to obtain the mega stones. There are whole lot of different features in Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, but in order to enjoy it, you need to download the game or hate seeing others playing it.