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Paint a Pirate out of anyone’s Face

Face painting is one of the hardest thing to do if you do not know what you are doing, but you can easily learn the things if you follow the instructions that can be found below.

How to make A Pirate FAce Painting?

  1. First, take a Snazaroo paint in red and use a large flat brush to draw in the bottom line of the bandana. Make sure that it’s slightly higher on one side and then fill in the area taking it right up into the hairline.
  2. With a smaller brush, paint in a circle on the lower half of the bandana and fill that in. Also add two tails going downwards.
  3. Still with the red, add a few pirate scars around the face. Switch over to a black face paint and with light, feathery strokes add in a curly pirate moustache. You can also take this down onto the chin if you want to add in a beard.
  4. To create the eye patch, simply paint a straight line going right above the eyebrow and then add in a large U shape underneath.
  5. Fill in the inside of the patch with black but don’t take it too close to the eyelashes so that it’s easily removed.
  6. Connect the patch up to the rest of the design with two thin lines and then add in a few stitches over the pirate scars.
  7. Outline the bottom edge of the bandana and the knot to give everything a bit more definition.
  8. Paint a couple of squiggly black lines along the red to make it look like folds in the material.
  9. If the eyebrows appear to be a lot lighter than the beard and the mustache you can always go back over those with black as well to make everything match.
  10. Finally, switch to a white face paint and add in a few dots across the top of the bandana.


There you have it. That is how easy it is to paint a Pirate out of anyone’s face.