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Setting Boom Beach Apart from other RTS

Boom Beach, a brilliant real-time-strategy game that leads the player through a paranoid sci-fi archipelago where Dr. Terror and Lt. Hammerman reigns. No one to trust, no where to go — build your base, defend it, explore for resources, and survive.

There certain features that makes Boom Beach so popular among players worldwide. The list are as follows:

  • Story —  It’s arguable that Boom Beach has the best story in mobile videogames; it’s a compelling science fiction yarn that taps directly into war and peace among islands in an archipelago, as well as the science fiction undercurrent popularized by television shows and movies.
  • AI — Boom Beach amazed the world with the artificial intelligence of its computer-controlled opponents. The Evil Blackguard acted unlike anything previously seen in videogames; they used squad behavior, looked for cover and could effectively throw grenades through a 3D world. They acted more lifelike than any enemy before. In the time since its 2013 release, few have been able to improve on what SuperCell accomplished.
  • Scripting — Part of the atmosphere that put Boom Beach hack above other RTS games was the amazing amount of scripted sequences that weren’t found on a usual freemium game promoting unlimited resources like diamonds as seen in the demo here, but fit into what was happening within the story. SuperCell paid attention to the details.
  • Level Design — This is one of the few games that have taken the art of level design so seriously that we’ve replayed sequences of the game just to relive the combat, scripting and level elements. The beginning tram ride is exemplary of level design dedicated to presenting a powerful scene. In many cases it’s level design for the sake of art rather than utility.


Boom Beach set the RTS free-to-play market on its ear and continues to sell to this day, even though other games easily surpass it in terms of graphics quality. In terms of story and atmosphere, only Clash of Clans has challenged its dominance in the years since its release. Its scripting remains a standard, and the level design has spawned legions of mod designers.